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Welcome to Eyes Open!

This is a Mage the Awakening game based primarily in Nottingham and charts a newly formed Cabal of mixed Order Mages. They are:
  • Da Vinci; A rather flouncy Adamantine Arrow Moros who studied art at the University until he recently died. He is now trying to hide from the fact his father is a Seer.
  • Dace; A loyal, good natured and completely unhinged Guardian of the Veil Thyrsus who considers ethnic cleansing on a massive scale to be his aim in life. A career mage who grew up as an occultist, he is no stranger to the weird. Recently arrived in Nottingham on assignment for the Guardians.
  • Gwydion; An ex investigator in Nottingham Police force and an Obrimos Adamantine Arrow who has an amazing ability to cause havoc by opening his mouth much to the horror of his cabal-mates
  • Pinion; A physics lecturer at University of Nottingham, he is also a Libertine of the Free Council and Theurgist of the Golden Key. He often feels like the only sensible member of the cabal – apart from Rudy of course.

They are joined by a retainer of Dace’s, Rudy Reese a hired muscle with a shadowy background.

The game is run, semi-regularly (contrained by University Term dates), and run to be as sand boxy as possible. The first WOD game the DM has run in a while, I’m enjoying the freedom and the (and this cannot be overstressed) awesome group of players I find myself with.

Check out the Wiki for more information about the setting, factions are other features of the game. The Adventure Log show’s a write up of each session we run (which is updated as regularly as I can), and the characters show most of the characters found in the game, as well as the player characters.

Home Page

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