Cabal - The Lagrangian Point

Banner lagrangian point smallThe newly formed Cabal of mixed Order Magi consisting of:

  • A Thyrsus Guardian called Genseric Dace
  • An Obrimos Free Councillor called Pinion
  • A Moros Arrow called Da Vinci and
  • An Obrimos Arrow called Gwydion.

They are based in Lenton, in a Sanctum owned by the Consilium of Nottingham. Their primary aim is to keep Lenton as safe as it is, as well as maintain the Hallow based inside the Sanctum.
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Of the Great Rights, the Cabal has chosen to Recognise all of them, and the various duties inside the Cabal fall to the following:

  • Farseeker (Hand) – Da Vinci
  • Doorwarden (Fist) – Gwydion, Dace
  • Hearthmaster (Heart) – Pinion, Dace
  • Lorekeeper (Head) – Pinion
  • Edgetender (Eye) – Da Vinci, Gwydion

The Cabal also has a retainer in the form of Rudy – protecting Dace.

Cabal - The Lagrangian Point

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