Genseric Dace

Would have made a good Werewolf if he hadn't become a Mage. Loyal, ruthless and obsessed.

Mental Physical Social
Intelligence •• Strength •• Presence ••
Wits •• Dexterity •••• Manipulation ••••
Resolve •• Stamina •• Composure ••
Mental Physical Social
Academics • Athletics Animal Ken
Computer Brawl Empathy ••
Crafts Drive Expression ••
Investigation • Firearms Intimidation
Medicine ••• Larceny •• Persuasion ••••
Occult ••• Stealth Socialize
Politics Survival Streetwise
Science Weaponry •• Subterfuge •••
Status (Guardians of the Veil)
Status (Consilium)
Resources ••
Contacts (Mysterium)
Retainer ••••

Gnosis •••

Fate ••
Life •••
Arcana Level Name Dice Pool Book/Page Description
Fate 2 Exceptional Luck 9 M:tA p151 Manipulation + Occult + Fate – Gives 9 again on [# of successes] future rolls. Lasts one scene
Life 3 Healing Heart 8 M:tA p186 Composure + Medicine + Life – heals bashing and lethal on others
Spirit 1 Coaxing the Spirits 5 M:tA p245 Manipulation + Socialize + Spirit – each success provides a +1 bonus to next roll with an item

Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Pride
Size: 5
Speed: 11
Defense: 2
Initiative Mod: 6
Nimbus: Objects in the nimbus suddenly seem to possess some aspects of life. Particularly dangerous things like weapons and cars somehow seem predatory and threatening, whereas fragile things like glasses seem skittish and nervous.


A Thyrsus Guardian of the Veil who is obsessed with the idea of predator/prey relationships and food webs. A career mage who has never had much of a ‘real’ Sleeper life, he was orphaned shortly before his Awakening and now considers mages (and Rudy) to be his only real companions.

Born in Cambridge as Alan Keech, Genseric was raised in a deeply superstitious and occult family. Consequently, he never really had much of a normal life, never did especially well in school and tended to concern himself more with the habits of mythical creatures and the alignment of the stars than jobs and exams. As a teenager, he gradually began to move away from his upbringing and got very good at hiding his and his family’s odd habits from others – making things seem normal became a skill of his that would later become very useful as a Guardian.

An early experience tending a wounded bird back to health had made him both interested in Medicine and very acutely aware of life and death in the natural world – the bird had been attacked by a sparrowhawk. He eventually started training as an EMT and helped out with St. John’s Ambulance Service.

However, he never made it very far into the real world because only a few months afterwards, his father became increasingly unstable. He had become obsessed with building a working Orrery of the solar system – a huge, brass and chrome affair in the garage which was taking up more and more of his time. He seemed to be wasting away, as though he had cancer, and Genseric’s mother and younger sisters were getting ill too.

It all came to a head when a very strange group of people showed up at the door. Genseric’s memories of what happened are quite muddled thanks to the Mastigos in the group, but it transpired that it was a local cabal of mages investigating very strange resonance coming from the garage. Genseric’s father had come across an Abyssal Assistant in the course of building the Orrery and the cursed thing was draining the life out of the whole family and forcing him into building it to some new, awful design. The cabal attempted to exorcise the thing but something went terribly, terribly wrong. During the fight, the house burned to the ground and Genseric’s family were all killed.

One of the cabal was a Fate master and knew something was up. He had told Genseric to go for a walk in the Botanic Gardens while they took care of things. During the course of his wanderings, Genseric realised he had become lost – odd since he quite enjoyed walking around the Gardens. He realised something was very wrong when he heard animal noises, and when he started to climb a steep hill he knew he was definitely no longer in the very flat Gardens. At the top of the hill he saw the Primal Wilds laid out before him and he truly understood the way the world worked. It was as if he could see the whole food chain of the world laid out before him and where everything in it lay. He understood his place in the world and the relationships that truly lay between everything. He dazedly wandered back down the hill and out of the Wilds, absent mindedly signing his name in a silver pen in the visitor’s book on the way out. At the exit, he met the Fate master, who told him “Now you understand who you are.”

Over the next year, he tutored under the Fate master, learning the ways of magic. He threw himself into his new life with abandon and started learning as much as he could about the Abyss and the horrors that spawned from it. He was filled with a hatred for them, not only for taking his family, but because he had seen the ecosystem of the world and knew that they had no place in it. It was in the process of being inducted into the Mysterium that his mentor vanished. He had left no message with the Order or the rest of the cabal and without his master to finish his training, the Mysterium were not sure what to do with him. It was while he was wondering where to take his life from here that he was approached by the Guardians.

Knowing through mind reading of his previous inclination to keep the occult hidden from the real world and capitalising on his hatred for all things Abyssal, the Guardians did not have any trouble recruiting him. He now dedicates himself to stamping out the unnatural and things which threaten to uncover the Veil.

Genseric Dace

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