Seers of the Throne

Seers of the Throne

Servants of the mythological Exarchs. They are managed into Tetrachies, which govern Countries or similar sized areas. These are headed by Tetrarchs, Seer Archmages (which are thankfully bound by the Pax Arcana) and contain Ministries, equivilents of Pentacle Orders. The Ministries are, though, highly dynamic, rising and falling out of favour of their patron Exarchs – of which the most prominant are the ‘Seals’, for example the Fourth Seal, “The Eye” is the patron of the Ministry of the Panopticon.

There are four prominant Ministries in this day and age:

  • Panopticon – They keep the Sleeping masses sleeping by promoting suspicion and the feeling that everyone is watching and reporting on them, from above, below and from within.
  • Praetorians – These let conflict and violence segregate Sleepers, and keep them trapped in the Lie by encouraging strife.
  • Hedgemony – Using governments and bureaucracies to shackle the masses, relying on Nationalism, ‘Purity’ and differences.
  • Paternoster – Using flase religion to hide the Supernal from the Sleeper population, and using their redirected spiritualism to help them Ascend the Seers.
The Nottingham Syndicate

The Seers of the Throne are in the area, certainly – with the common knowledge that there are at least three ‘Pylons’ of Seers. These pylons are roughly equivilent of Cabals amongs Pentacle Mages – with notable exceptions including the lack of trust between any members and that these pylons tend to be larger than Cabals. They are structures designed to keep Seers scheming and ‘on the ball’, occurding to Hawthorne.

Evidence suggests that the local Syndicate (a collection of Pylons on a local level) is actually quite recent. The Mysterium haven’t found evidence of their activity pre-Consilium, and the Guardians just stone-wall requests. So either they were quiet, or have joined the area the same time – for unknown reasons.

The Seers themselves don’t seem too active against the Pentacle, more prone to watching and waiting than anything else. Most activity seen, points the majority of the Seers being members of the Panopticon Ministry.

However there was one notable exception to these observances, two years ago an Abyssal Cult was found to be operating north of Nottingham in some abandoned flats. As well as Hawthorne and Silence, Bouda, Lestrade and Galeas were in on the clearance ‘operation’. As they cleared the bottom of spirits inhabiting the Sleeper cultists a group of militeristic Magi that resembled Seers turned up. As the Pentacles moved to enter the top floors these Seers started to blow up those top flats. As the Pentacles started to run from the increasingly unstable building they spied those Seers burning the remains of the flat. Reports the morning after blamed a “freak gas leak”. Due to this, most Magi believe the Syndicate has an arm of Praetorians.

Recently an Under-Secretary of one of the Ministries has arrived in Nottingham, with reason unknown. But whatever it has, it’s affected the Cabal – and will most likely change the way the wind is blowing for Pentacle Mages…

Seers of the Throne

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