The Consilium Recorder


Disciple of Prime and Mind, Apprentice of Forces and Space.


Is an Obrimos Silver Ladder and resident expert on the Lex Magica. She fulfills the Consilium’s Scribe duties, noting new Cabals, new ranks and changes in the Constitution. A member of the Mixed Bag, which is quite tight knit and the core of the Tradition in the Consilium. She is a distant relative of Pythias.

She is a bookish woman, with a backgorund in Law and technically a Lictor of the Silver Ladder; although the more rough-ish aspects she leaves to the office of the Warden. Naturally curious and shy, she has an undercurrent of distaste for most arrogant Magi – who breeze over her Lex Magica and treat her like a servant most of the time.

She now has a healthy dislike for the new upshot Gwydion.


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