Adept of Space. Disciple of Mind and Forces.


The harmless, yet manic new Councillor of the Consilium – a reputation not helped by his Legacy, the Threnodists, or his walking into the Consilium and duelling the Pandemonium Seat.

He is the inescapably optimitic Mage, who having seen some of the worst the enlightened world has to offer still has time for a little bit of Hope. He honestly believes that the Pentacle will win and one day he dreams of seeing Pandemonium one more time (a significant reason for him joining the Screamers).

His mentor was one fo the first students of the founder of the Legacy and he is the peer of two similarly Attained Threnodists. Quark is almost a Grandfather figure for young Libertines out there, and heads up the Irregulars. He also recruited Shaw to the Cabal in a fit of cunning – as Shaw gives the Cabal proper Wisdom politcal weight.

He works at the University, mostly for his personal research and sponging of research grants. He also is sort of responsible for looking out for the University – or at least keeping an eye out for Seer activity.


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