Experienced Therach


Adept of Spirit, Disciple of Prime (so to be Adept of) and Life.


An active Provost, working under Ferron and is the nominal head of the Silver Ladder in the area (something that might change with Sextant’s arrival) as well as of the Mixed Bag. He is a pompous old Ladder and distantly related to Scribe; who he is tremendously fond of. Is the active Ladder’s voice in Nottingham as well as representing the Thrice Great Legacy.

He is the Provost for Ferron, and does much of the work for the office – happy to represent the Silver Ladder in this way. The two men have an amiable working relationship, with Ferron appreciating Pythias’ knowledge of politics, with Phythias’ appreciating Ferron’s wisdom. On the other hand each think the other isn’t necessarily the best.

He has recently risen to the seat of Thyrsus Councillor – indicative of a new Silver Ladder political push.


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