A youngish and physically attractive man in his mid to late twenties. While not tough or bulky he clearly shows the benefit of a keen and incisive intelligence. Short black tousled hair, green eyes, and a kind smile.


Name: Dr Malcolm Stevenson
Shadowname: Pinion
DoB: 1985/07/14 (27)
DoA: 2011/02/27 (01)
Concept -

Path: Obrimos
Order: Free Council

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Mental (5) Physical (3) Social (4)
Intelligence 4 Strength 2 Presence 4
Wits 2 Dexterity 2 Manipulation 1
Resolve 3 Stamina 2 Composure 2


Mental (11) Physical (7) Social (4)
Academics (Research) 2 Athletics 1 Animal Ken 0
Computer 1 Brawl 1 Empathy 1
Craft 0 Drive 0 Expression 1
Investigation (Science!) 3 Firearms 0 Intimidate 0
Medicine 0 Larceny 0 Persuasion 1
Occult 2 Stealth 0 Socialise 3
Politics 1 Survival 0 Streetwise 0
Science (Physics) 3 Weaponry 0 Subterfuge 1


Power Stat (Gnosis) 3
Status (Nottingham) (• to •••••) 0
Status (Free Council) (• to •••••) 1
Encyclopaedic Knowledge (••••) 4
Good Time Management (••) 2
High Speech (•) 1
Status (University of Nottingham) 2
Sanctum (Cabal Sanctum): Shared
Demense 0
Hallow (• to •••••) 2
– Consillim 2
Library (• to •••••) 3
– Consillim 3
— Awakened History
— Nephandious Magic
— Nottingham History
Materials 0
Security (• to •••••) 0
Size (• to •••••) 2
– Consillim 2


Death 0 Inferior
Fate 0
Forces 2 Ruling
Life 0
Matter 1
Mind 2
Prime 1 Ruling
Space 1
Spirit 0
Time 0

Caps (G2): – 5 4 4 3 3 3 2 2 2 1
Current: 2 2 1 1 1

(FC 4) Initiate of: Matter, Prime, Space Compelling, Knowing, Unveiling
(FC 5) Apprentice of: Forces, Mind Ruling, Shielding, Veiling
(FC 6) Disciple of: Fraying, Perfecting, Weaving
(FC 7) Adept of: Patterning, Unravelling
(FC 8) Master of: Making, Unmaking

FC specs: Crafts, Persuasion, Science

Arcana Lvl Name Pool Book
Forces 1 lter Conductivity 10 Intelligence + Science* + Forces MtA 164
Forces 1 Read Matrices 8 Wits + Science* + Forces MtA 164
Forces 2 Unseen Shield 8 Stamina + Science* + Forces MtA 167
Matter 1 Influence Light 10 Intelligence + Science* + Matter MtA 164
Mind 1 One Mind, Two Thoughts 7 Wits + Investigation + Mind MtA 206
Mind 2 Mental Shield 7 Resolve + Occult + Mind MtA 208

First – Celestial Telescope (Gnosis 3, Forces 2, Matter 2, Space 1, Science 2)
See up to Gnosis (3) * 3 miles, roll Wits + Composure + Science (7) to activate. Take a -4 penalty to sigh perception in immediate area.
Look through any solid object, roll Wits + Science + Matter (7) to activate.

Second – Everything is Stardust (Gnosis 5, Matter 3, Forces 3)
Transmute energy (light, heat, sound, electricity, fire) to matter (solids, liquids) – but not energy to energy, or matter into matter. Cannot effect objects of larger than Size 5. Spend a point of mana, touch the matter/perceive the energy, and roll Intelligence + Science + Matter (8) to convert into matter or Intelligence + Science + Forces (9) to convert into energy.

Dur/Size Light Sound Heat Elec Fire
1 Flashlight Casual talk Room temp Car battery Lighter
2 75-watt lamp Scream Body temp Wall socket Torch
3 Car headlight Electric guitar Kills bacteria Security fence Bonfire
4 Floodlight Gunshot Boiling point Junction box Inferno
5 Stadium light Industrial Books burn Main line Conflagration
Opt Space 3 – By entering a trance and using a good source of energy the mage can craft a solid 3-D model of the terrain between him and a nearby object to which he has a sympathetic connection. The model is at a scale of 60:1, and only records stationary objects - but in great detail. Spend a point of mana, and roll Resolve + Science + Space () every 30 minutes - need 1 success per 100 yards between the mage and the object.

Third – Light Long Dead (Gnosis 7, Matter 4, Forces 4)
Extends “Everything is Stardust” to effect kinetic energy and gasses, and allows energy/energy and matter/matter conversions, and at sensory range (modified with Celestial Telescope). Same mechanics as for Everything is Stardust.

Dur/Size Volume
1 5 cubic yards
2 10 cubic yards
3 20 cubic yards
4 40 cubic yards
5 80 cubic yards
Opt Space 4 - Teleport within light of sight as an Instant action, or as Reflexive if a point of mana is spent. Cannot be used through scrying windows.
Morality: Lost Gained
7 *
Equipment: Size Dur Bonus Cap Other

Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride
Flaw: Hard of Hearing (-2 to sound perception rolls)

Health: Size(5) + Stamina(2) = 7

Willpower: Resolve(3) + Composure(2) = 5

Mana = Max 11, 2 / turn
Ritual cast: 3hr / 20m

Maximum active spells: Gnosis (2) + 3 = 5
1 – Unseen Shield (2)
2 – Mental Shield (2)
3 –
4 –
5 -

Spell tolerance: Stamina (2) = 2
(-0) 1 – Unseen Shield
(-0) 2 – Mental Shield
(-1) 3 –
(-2) 4 –
(-3) 5 –
(-4) 6 -

Size: 5
Defence: Min(Dexterity(2),Wits(2)) = 2
Armour: 0 / 0
Mage Armour 2 / 2

Initiative: Dexterity(2) + Composure(2) + FR = 4

Speed: 5 + Strength(2) + Dexterity(2) + FoF(0) =9

Nimbus: A sense of everything being in its rightful place, cogs whirring in the background.


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Born – 1985/07/14
Awoke – 2011/02/27

The man who would one day be known as the mage Pinion, Scion of the Watchtower of the Golden Key and Theurgist on the Path of the Mighty in the Kingdom of the Celestial Spheres and Abode of Angels started life as the much more humble Malcolm Stevenson. Born on the 14th of July in Bristol, to parents Thomas and Hazel Stevenson, his early childhood gave no immediate clues to his destiny. Perhaps he drew slightly more attention from other parents, complementing Thomas and Hazel or perhaps he was a quieter baby than others, and watched you with solemn eyes.

If he had been born today or in a kinder life than the world of darkness allows, he would have almost certainly been placed in advanced classes for the gifted – but in the unenlightened schools of yesteryear he was just left to grow bored as he surpassed those around him and the mediocre standards of the education curriculum. It was, therefore, no surprise to those around him when he chose to pursue the hard sciences and mathematics (and further mathematics) through GCSEs and A Levels, culminating in the decision to read physics at Edinburgh University – where he began to study in the autumn of 2003, completing his undergraduate degree in the summer of 2006. Immediately beginning his PhD in Quantum Chromodynamics, he graduated in almost the least amount of time possible in the summer of 2009. From there, Dr Stevenson began his teaching career with a post-doc position at Edinburgh, but when in mid 2011 a job interview for a position at Nottingham promised bigger and better things, he upped sticks without a further thought and moved down to the city of Robin Hood – starting along with a new intake of Freshers in the autumn of 2011.

February blew in, wrapping its cold fingers around Nottingham and slipping through the cracks in the world. Malcolm was working late in his office, the next door lab devoid of students, the lights flicking on and off as the wind surged. He looked up from his sprawled notes and papers as thunder crashed overhead and watched as the rain began to fall in an ever increasing torrent of water.

He sighed, idly playing with the pen moments ago he had been writing with, and tried once more to focus in his equations. But something was off, there was … a wrongness in the maths. He went over his numbers again, and again, as the thunder rolled on past. His eyelids got heavier and heavier, as the chill winter air mixing with the warm central heating began to drag him down, and down, into slumber.

Finally, in annoyance, he flung the pen across the room and scattered paper everywhere, before pacing from the room: not entirely certain where he was going, but needing fresh air and a break.

His feet, walking on their own as he continued to crunch numbers, took him out into the storm: the rain ignored in his concentration until a loud crack of lightning and the almost immediate answering peel of thunder shook him to his senses. He stared up into the falling rain, watching the clouds buckle and billow in the wind, watching the forks of lightning that cracked the sky into pieces.

And there it was, amid the rain and the thunder, that he saw the answer to his equation. A blinding bolt of truth, and suddenly the universe made sense again. Everything lurched back into place, and, for a single endless moment, he saw behind, and under the tapestry of the world, glimpsing the Implicit Order of things.

Turning to return to his office, he saw a door he didn’t remember. A door that was half under under the fabric of reality, poking out into the real world. A door made of silver gears and cogs, slowly and patiently turning and whirring. He reached out, and with the slightest touch the door swung open to reveal a corridor made of endlessly turning wheels of gold, and spindles of glass though which crackling lightning ran, and in the shadows behind the wheels could be seen more wheels, and clockwork figures tending to them, before scuttling away into the dark of the ‘machine’.

“Behind, Above, Below.” The precise and metallic voice began to chant, while more voices began to list endless names, secret hidden names which granted power over all things, all of Creation.

He walked down the corridor, taking the time with every step forward to examine the intricate workings of this vast machine.

“Within, Without, Inside-Out.” Every word a heartbeat, ticking in perfect synchronisation with the turning of the wheels.

Another door, golden light forming a curtain of power across be corridor. Strange and incomprehensible shapes and symbols danced through the gold, moving too fast to see.

“Before, Between, Sights Unseen.”

Pushing forward once again, he found the curtain parted like mist to show a golden throne room, blinding pure-white light radiating from every aspect of the room. A host of clockwork angels knelt facing the throne, glass wings refracting the light into a myriad rainbows.

“Was. Is. Can-be. I see. Eye see.” The angels chanted, endlessly, a buzzing that made the very air tremble with the crescendo of pure praise.

Fire ran through him, and he knew his place in the wheels of creation. He looked towards the throne, straining his eyes against the light, and he saw. He saw into the terrible heart of the light, into the Prime Source and It looked back into him. He saw and was seen. He heard and was heard. He felt and was felt. He knew and was known. He became, and he was.

With a cry, he jerked awake in his office as a power channelled across his fingers and the blossomed out in a wave of force that cracked the windows as the thunder rolled one last time and then fire consumed everything and he sank into blessed sleep.

From there, Quark found him and began to teach him about the Awakened society, and eventually inducted him into the Free Council. And always there was the certainty, the understanding that the universe was ticking to its own beat, and that the endless march of the God-Machine would continue.


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