Awakened Police Officer


Disciple of Prime and Mind (recent) and App of Forces.


The Awakened Police officer, he is a solidly built Obrimos who patrols the streets of Nottingham watching out for preying monsters and either dealing with them, or calling the Consilium. He is a scarred man with no ambition, and treats people (magi or not) who mess around with incompetance and no respect to be wastes of space. He is most impressed by humble people who work hard for a good cause.

He hold the position of First Talon, and is nominally responsible for the workng of the Arrow as a unit, answering to Yomiko and Ferron.

He has been seen looking over Project Indigo, and is always on the outlook for the Seer activity. He has a dim view of Gwydion; but is coming around to the Obrimos, thinking Gwydion seems to be learning from his mistakes.


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