Disciple of Mind, Apprentice of Space and Forces.


A Blank Badge, who was politely kicked out of Cambridge (and London before that) for fighting the Guardians there. She has therefore decided to pick a fight with the Unopened Box up in Nottingham – where Quark will let he is another thing entirely. Quark, uncomfortable as he is with this, is something to a folk hero in England becuase of Duelling Antonius for a Council seat. Keates is an uncomfortable reminder of this inadvertant fame.

Recently she has called the Duel Arcane onto Gwydion, for a percieved slight as well being the ‘Man’. This Duel was fought in the basement of the Sanctum of the Baker Irregulars and was to the normal rules, with Dace being Gwydion’s second and Keates seconding herself. Gwydion won, but before Keates tried to continue the Duel into actual physical damage. However, the Squarer (Sophia) notived this through her attainments and ended the Duel – declaring Gwydion the winner. After a brief stare down, Keates was last seen slinking away.


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