John Dee

The Spy


The apprentice of Quiet, and is a Mastigos Subtle One. He often partakes in intelligence missions far ranging. He is relatively unknown in the Consilium as he is a more active member in the Guardians, being a Susceptor. He is recently on a mission related to Seer activity, and is due to report back to the Epopt soon.

A serious, experienced person, and a competent Magi he is relatively friendly, to those who shows competence – in his world the untidy get killed very fast. He was originally found in the Intelligence service, where he remains to this day – and pasted his Black Veil in the Middle East, where he learnt his Legacy.

Recently attacked and tortured by the unknown collaborators of the Banisher, Jeremy Kirk. Is recovering, at an undisclosed location. When he’ll be back, the Guardians haven’t been told by Quiet.

He has recently died after suffering his wounds – however some in the Order this is far too convinient considering Dee had just arrived from an mission.

John Dee

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