Jenny Manor

Investigative Journalist


The unrelenting investigative journalist, who can’t seem to get a damn thing published. She has recently found out about Project Indigo, but hasn’t found out much about the wierder things.

Jenny knows the world is a bit larger than what the average guys thinks but doesn’t have a lot of proof. A veritable trove of random occult trivia, ghost stories and urban legends, she is one small individual surrounded by factions obfuscating the hidden truths of the world.

She started down this life path when her mother disappeared when she was very young, and then turn up ten years later in Bleakfields, as a broken soul in a cell where she remained till she died about seven years ago. This random disappearance and no explanation on the part of the doctors drove her into looking at the world with suspicious and unbelieving eyes.

Gwydion when he met noticed that she is in fact a Sleepwalker. Whether she’ll ever realise the truth of the world (and whether that’ll force her to find a Watchtower) is something that no one could probably answer with certainty.

Jenny Manor

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