Adept of Matter and Disciple of Death and Prime. (close to becoming Prime Adept – as well as the third attainment)


The Moros Councillor and famous Forge Master in the Midlands. He is also a creature of days gone by. If you can’t find the man in the Arrow’s Sanctum, you can find him in a small village in the outskirts of Nottingham in a rare forge that is still operational.
He creates wonderous items for Magi’s around the UK, being the apprentice of the famous Goibnui, an Irish Forge Master of considerable might.

He moved here with Ferron (who initiated him into the Arrow) and provides the Consilium with arms if necessary. He is not oathsworn into this role however. He sees it as a transaction, the asker must perform a favour for him, so he is well connected across the country.

He has a close firendship with Galeas, who is like a son figure. Ivaldi side lines as an actual armourer for those who wish it (Sleeper and Mage). He is more of a logisics man than a warrior, even though fearsomely strong.

Has a pet hobby collecting information about the 13 Treasures of the British Isles – convinced they are connected to the artefacts that his mentor found.

Has been given the role of ‘parole officer’ for Da Vinci whilst Da Vinci’s Sleeper identity is destroyed. From this, Da Vinci is slowly turning into Ivaldi’s apprentice – and there may be a new Forge Master soon.

As well as being Da Vinci’s Teacher now, Ivaldi has stepped down from Councillor position – similarly to Ferron. This leads Ivaldi to further Forge Master research.


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