Investigator mage on the Nottingham police force



Power: Int (2) Str (2) Pre (2)
Finesse: Wit(2) Dex (3) Man (2)
Resistance: Res(3) Sta (3) Comp (3)


Investigate (3) Speciality (crime)
Occult (3)
Politics (1)
Athletics (3)
Brawl (3)
Drive (1) Speciality (Motorbikes)
Firearms (3) Speciality (Pistols)
Weaponry (1)
Expression (2)
Persuasion (2)


Forces 3
Mind 1
Prime 2


Unseen Sense
Combat Marksmanship (2)
Status: Police (3)
High Speech
Destiny (2)
Status AA (1)
Sanctum (2)
Hallow (2)
Library (3)
Nottingham History
History of the Nottingham consilium
Scelesti magic (cant remember tbh)(Ed – it’s Abyssal Magic)


Tune In (5)
Unseen Shield (6)
Supernal Vision (7)
Counter spell Prime (8)

Rote Bonuses: Medicine,Athletics,Intimidation

Combat and Other

Size : 5
Speed: 10
Defence: 2
Int Mod: 6
Health: 8
Willpower: 6
Gnosis: 2
Mana: 7
Wisdom: 7
Virtue : Justice
Vice: Pride


Light Pistol Dicemod (2) Clip 12 & 1



Having grown up and being taught in a high class London school and university with 2 older brothers and a father but no mother he was expected to follow his father in to his business like his eldest brother. He did not and went to work for the metropolitan police much to his father’s displeasure. This has led to a lack of communication between him and his family. The only one he talks to is the sister that was adopted when he turned 16. His second brother disappeared on his 21st birthday and has not been heard from since.

He had been following Wiccan traditions since his entering in to 6th form but stopped after year of being on the force but he did keep up on his occult knowledge. Due to his degree he was fast lined in to an investigator position however he put that on hold to join the armed response unit for which he was discharged from after an incident with a foreign dignitary and his family. This is what got him transferred to an Investigator position in Nottingham. He is not sure if they wanted him out of the way or dead. He was however absolved of all guilt by IA and said that he did what he had to do.

He generally got along well with the people in the department helping them with things when asked. He shot himself in the foot a little bit with his blunt attitude to office politics and when he slept with the wife of the evidence lockers controller but it interestingly saved their marriage.

Having recently lost his job in the police force and someone trying to murder him in the alley next to the police station he has been a bit lost. He has regained some purpous recently in his joining of the tamers of the fire. However he hopes that the trip to Marduke will help him find some perspective or at the least clear his head if the trip to his Oneros doesn’t do it for him

Current goals

Improve hallow

Prove to the cabal that he is not the idiot they think he is

Become a First Talon and learn the adamant hand and maybe sentinel but am unsure.

Get the power needed to prevent sleepers from getting hurt in awakened conflicts . (Think I am nearly there with mind 2 )

Research more in to Project indigo and what the murders seem to have in common to make sure the banisher threat has been truly dealt with

Nimbus & tools

Pentagram inscribed pistol

Surrounded by golden fire with wings of burning gold


Eyes Open Demihero