The Knight


Disciple of Fate and Mind, Apprentice of Time


The dashing Knight in shining armour, and named after an alternative name for Galahad. He acts as the Arrow Sentinel in the Consilium, a duty he humbly takes on without complaint. Somewhat skilled, surprising his youth – but he Awoke somewhat early in life. He is an Acanthus, with skill in Mind to help him blend in with Sleepers, who he sees as part of his Oath of Sentinel.

Rarely gets time off, but has a strange friendship with Fraser and Venkman – seeing a bit in his life he never got, and enjoys the time he spend with them.

He comes from a working class background, and was picked up by Bouda as she travelled up to London, with Galeas being taught the Mysteries as the War was organised and enacted on. This has given him a strange upbringing, which he sometimes resents Bouda for it – even though he technically works for her in the Consilium. He dislikes the Guardians for their cowardly behavious as he sees it – he recognises the need for a grey world, but hopes that the world can be run according to Good and Evil.

His mentor in spirit is Ivaldi, who is more like a father figure, and the honest work of metal crafting (which he is still learning) makes his quieter moments happier.


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