Young Cryptidologist


Disciple of Life, Apprentice of Spirit and Space.


A young Libertine picked up at Uni by Quark (in London) a couple of years back, with Venkman. She is extremely interested in cryptids, the wierder and wonderful-er the better. In fact this is where her shadow name comes from, the police inspector who famous stated that Nessie exists.

It’s a shame she’s so unworldly – but the life of a Mage is hard, and she’s due for some harsh lessons soon; as Quark is painfully aware. She dreams of exploring the world and finding the wierd and wonderful – and finds Carter facinating for this reason (to Venkman’s annoyance).

Venkman and Fraser are sort of a couple – the only one who really notices is Quark, and he has sworn not to interfer.

Well, not much.

Has recently suffered a wound fighting a vampire – which has started to mature both Fraser’s and Venkman’s outlook on life. They’re still their irrepressible selves, but it seems they’re maturing.


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