The Adamant Sage


Master of Life, Adept of Forces and Spirit.


A rugged old man from the North. He actually fought in the latter parts of the Korean War, but with a healthy lifestyle and being a Thyrsus he looks like in his active 50’s. He is a member of the Perfected Adepts and is very close to becoming a Master.

It’s not known much about his earlier life, except he picked up Yomiko along the lines when she was relatively young in Asia somewhere. He has fought some of the most depraved parts of the World of Darkness over his time, and is a skilled unarmed combatant and well as a train tactician. Incredibly worldly, he has met many supernatural creatures – to the interest of the Maysterium. However most of his descriptions are either the personality of them (if they were allies) or how to kill them (if enemies). He has a quiet relationship with the werewolves of Nottingham, as well as the Dreamer of their pack.

In his old age he has retreated to teaching the young generation, seeing it as his role as an Adamant Sage.

Recently he has stepped down from position of Councillor, ceeding the position to Pythias. His personal reasons for this, is yet unknown.


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