Da Vinci

Moros "Arrow" Poshboy 'Son' of a Seer



Real Name – Charles Templeworth
Allias –
Virtue – Charity, Vice – Pride
Age – 19
Flaw – Forgetful


Int – 3, Wits – 3, Resolve – 2
Str – 1, Dex – 3, Stam – 2
Pres – 2, Manip – 2, Comp – 4


Acad – 1, Compu – 1, Craft(Forgery, Fine Art) – 3, Invest – 1, Med – 1, Occu – 2, Polit – 2
Ath – 1, Brawl – 1, Weaponry (Fencing) – 3
Empath – 1, Expres – 2, Persu – 1, Soci – 2, Subter – 1


Gnosis – 3
Death – 1, Matter – 3, Time – 2, Prime – 2.
Legacy – Forge Masters – 1st Attainment.


Common Sense, Resources – 4, Occulatation – 2, Fighting Style: Fencing – 1
High Speech – 1, Unseen Sense – 1, Imbued Item – 5
Consilium Status – 1; Adamantium Arrow Status – 1


Speak with the Dead (Death) – 6
Dark Matter (Matter) – 8
Shape Liquid (Matter) – 8
Unseen Aegis (Matter) – 8
Supernal Vision (Prime) – 7


Materials seem to appear as extremes. Allies clothes/weapons etc appear perfected, unused and cleaned whilst enemies appear tattered, bloodstained and worn.


A local rich boy who used to be studying Fine Art at the University of Nottingham, until he recently died. Charles Templeworth was a trust fund baby who’s parents owned or had shares in several large businesses including Boots and The Iron Pyramid. Recently joining a new group of friends, and regularly paying his way through education, he was found dead in the river Trent a short time ago.

Da Vinci on the other hand is still alive and well. After Awakening through Stygia during a painting session and finding strange paintings around his room and his lead coined engraved with onyx, Ivaldi approached him and taught him about the world of Magi and the Adamantine Arrow. He is now a member of the cabal The Lagrangian Point along with more recently awakened, and is their Farseeker and joint Edgetender.

Finally finalising his house arrest after informing his order that his father is the under secretary of the Seers of the Throne, he has been in training with Ivaldi as a potential Forge Master, which he is enjoying to a surprising amount, even though its been more work than he’s ever done in his life.

Now Da Vinci is officially a Forge Master, he is currently divided between two tasks. Firstly, learning Jewellery from Mark Eagle, and then attempting to become the Consilium’s defensive Forge Master. Secondly, he plans on examine the local leylines in order to both empower the current Hallow, as well as find a new location for their personal Sanctum.

But before that will happen, he should probably prepare for his forced holiday to the Marduke…

Da Vinci

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