The Tamer of Fire Warden of the Consilium


Adept of Mind and (recently Forces)


The Warden of the Consilium. This position is unique to the Nottingham Consilium and represents the defense of the Consilium as a sort of ‘Doorkeeper’ role for the wider Consilium. It is indicative of the Consilium’s status that the ‘Warden’ is an Arrow, not a Guardian, showing the Consilium is not a copy of London – though the Guardians still hold a real power.

Bouda (pronouced ‘baʊ-da’) is Oathsworn into the position and has held the position since the Consilium’s formation, and has molded the position into her shape, and has heavily coloured it through the lense of a Tamer of Fire.

Her duties to the Consilium have taken up much of her time, making the Arrow a home from work effectively – where she can continually test herself. She has grown into power since coming to the Consilium, to such a degree her Tamer mentor is pushing her to take on an Apprentice – for an reason unknown.

Recently she has been asked to perform a Mind interrogation on Da Vinci becuase of suspicions that his Father is a high-placed Seer – begrudgingly. Upon the resulting Consilium meeting she saw that this information did not reach a wider audience, staring down Antonius.


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