Young Guardian Illusionist


Disciple of Prime and Apprentice of Forces.


The youngest member of the Guardians, brought over from London where he learnt his basic training. Is an Obrimos, focussing on Illusionary magic and maintains a side job as an Illusionist, breaking the ‘magic myths’ of stage magic and thus cultivating the downplay olf magic in the modern era.

He has been a Mage for about 2 years and did not experience the Mage War personally. He is a sombre serious young man, acting double his age. He is an enthusiastic user of the Masques, and is partially under the apprenticeship of Silence.

Blackstone is a rather boring Mage, with a tad too much of the ‘martyr’ about him – coming from his Path. His nimbus is similar to the Plato shadows, with objects becoming more 2D, and more of a cosmic shadow of their Supernal True Self.


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