The Guardian Heirarch


Adept of Mind and Space


Mastigos GoV and is the Heirarch. Is a member of the Bearers, but has only reached the first attainment. This is somewhat surprising to most members of the Consilium, but Antonius is not the old crusty Guardian most people assume. He is relative young, late 30’s, and taught in Washington DC.

He believes in the role of the Guardians in that they are the ones to hold the sin so other Magi can keep the Celestial Wheel revolving. This affects how he governs the Consilium, effectively representing the Guardians in this office. He took the office soon after the building of the Consilium and has actually done a good job of it. He is far more moderate than his boss, Quiet, but must put on a Masque for his duties. – Sceptre (Prudence/Pride).

He is harsh by Mage standards, however (but for his office) he is somewhat approachable – surprisingly so for his Order, but is a reflection of his Legacy.

His Nimbus is the feeling of everything around him going out of focus, leaving him sharply in focus and closer.


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