Eyes Open

Extra 1


This was an idea I whilst writing up the session notes. Seeing as the game is somewhat focussed on the Cabal, and I can’t have NPC’s talking all the time, here is some narrative away from the PC’s spotlight. Hopefull this will begin to forshadow some very nasty plot progression coming their way.

+ Excerpt of Inter-Guardian Messaging Dated Two Day’s Ago

C: To give you the head’s up, we’ve got some heavy Seer activity from London.

NH: What kind, do you require Caucus Assistance.

C: Negative. They aren’t Active. Only mobilising, as if for a contigent to move.

NH: Keep me posted C, I’ll get JD to ask around.

Dated One Day Ago

C: They moved. Certain. Location found: Nottingham. Repeat Nottingham. Code Indigo. VIP sighted.

NH: Details C dammit, JD’s gone offline.

C: VIP is an Under-Secretary. Repeat Under-Secretary.

NH: ****

C: Tell me about it, apparently U-S is moving to solve the “Gated Issue”, couldn’t find more.

NH: But it is coming here?

C: Yeah, I have no idea about JD but U-S is coming. Expect Change of Tide.

NH: Acknowldged.

+ Excerpt Ends

And if it works, we may have more throughout the game. Personally, I think they’re quite useful if used sparingly, so not to fall into the “Amateur Writer DM” pitfall.



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