Eyes Open

Story 1 - Eyes Open: Epilogue


Da Vinci doesn’t rememeber much, a car ride and suddenly he’s strapped into a chair – in a very dark room. There are several figures in the room, and more behind him he senses.

Bouda’s clear voice cuts through his grogginess, “There’s nothing to fear – we need to check who you are. This will be… unnerving – but we need to prove your innocence”

Bouda’s on side it seems.

“Of course,” continues a firm voice (Antonius’s?), “If you aren’t – you’ll never see the light of day again.”

At this not-so-subtle threat, a figure behind Da Vinci stirs, plate armour rubbing on plate.

“It won’t come to tha-”, starts Galeas.

“Commence. Now.” Whispers a shadow in the corner of the room.

“Yes Epopt”, says Bouda, distast blatant in her tone. " Sophia, please".

A figure in white, clearly white even in the shadows of this room, moves over to Da Vinci and powerful magicks are cast upon Da Vinci, with no permission asked- As well as strange happens that don’t seem to be magic, but definately aren’t natural. “He’s clean on my regard – Of course I’m sure, Epopt”, Sophia says – sounding stung by a barely audible question from the shadow.

“Now… His memories…” It whispers.

“I’m sorry, after this you will be placed somewhere safe. But now we have to check you are… you,” apologises Bouda and starts to cast something on Da Vinci.

Red hot pain lances into his mind as Bouda seems to put her fingers into his head and he blacks out.



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