Eyes Open

Story 1 - Eyes Open: Session 3


Session 3

This session introduces the fourth cabal member, Genseric Dace or Dace for short. It was also a really short game, with me trying to introduce a character and then doing the Pit scene. Annyoingly Gwydions doesn’t get much active screen time – which was my failure. Anyways, I get to use Project Indigo, and introducing the concept of Legacy induction. Oh wells, back to the story

We find ourselves in a safehouse in Cambridge, a house utterly empty of furniture and other. Just empty boards, and the back room being used to create a portal to a location in Nottingham. In the background Dace is being told by a Guardian superior to see the Epopt of Nottingham for further instructions. Among the group going, other than Dace, is a high ranking Silver Ladder called Sextant, a Free Councillor rebel called Keates and a couple of others, incudling a newly Awakened Mysterium girl.

After his order Dace steps though and is met by Nathaniel Hawthorne and Blackstone. Blackstone shows Dace to the Epopt, Quiet whilst the rest are shown to a taxi. In the meeting Quiet, in his raspy, slow voice explains that Dace is to intergrate with three newly Awakened mages just forming a Cabal. To be a good Cabalmate, have the duties of the Order second – too long have the Guardians been the boogymen of Nottingham. Nottingham will not be like Cambridge or London he explains.

Dace is given an address of a flat and told to go there, it in the address of one of the cabal mates, an Obrimos Police Inspector.

Meanwhile in the Pit and Pendulum…

There’s a silnce, ended with Pinion asking, “what?”. The two Libertines explain there’s a bloody vampire out there (how cool is that?). Whilst Pinion goes out with Incognito Presence and checks a deserted bar, with a bestial hunchback thing with glowing red eyes. It’s snarling, and patrolling the bar, sniffing. In the toilets Da Vinci, comes up with a plan and starts to jury rig a hand dryer into a projectile weapon. The other two collect toilet roll holders as spike ammunition.

Once this is done, the group collectively gather their wits, with Venkman making an improvised pipe weapon using Matter and Fraser giving herself beast claws and honing her strength. In the other room Pinion tries to amp the electicity of the lights up to lure the vampire into the bar, then set fire to the alcohol there. He succedes in baiting it there, but when he goes to set fire to the bar he feels the spell go off and metaphysically invert. Catching it before it did harm he absorbs the paradox, but the catch in his chanting makes the vampire notice. Slowly it rises from the bar, claws extending into wicked talons.

As a note, for the duration of the fight I was pulling the punches, well aware that the vampire could rip them in two. Instead I decided to up-play the animal side of the Beast – making it stalk and pounce rather than wailing on the group. It might not have been exoectected, but the group realised it was trouble, and I didn’t kill them, yet.

At this point the three from the toilets burst into the room, and start beating on the vampire, with Da Vinci firing his makeshift gun at the vampire. Whilst seeing Venkman being beaten back by the vampire, she goes mental and whales onto the vampire with her claws and tears large chunks out of it, whilst it gets skewered by Da Vinci’s ‘invention’. The creature tries to fight back and catches Fraser with it’s claws, and cuts her flank open with those terrible claws. As she retreats clutching her side Pinion releases another electical attack which fries the vampire, and it collapses in a horribly mangled pile, just staring at the ceiling. However in the strength of the attack, the electric arches to the bar, setting it alight.

One of the reasons I wanted the two Libertines here was to start giving them reasons to grow up. They were introduced as happy go lucky new Mages with amusing fixtures and foibles. This was to, originally, convince Da Vinci’s player that the Free Councillors aren’t just ‘hippies’. Now this achieved they need some character growth, with this incident the first real ‘conflict’ the two have got involved in. Expect the two to be equally changed by this. They’re still the fun duo, but will start to grow up a bit, and take their place as the PC’s equals

Meanwhile Dace is outside an apartment door, which is answered by a haggard Gywdion. To check on his identity (and now learning his lesson from the day) Gwydion checks his identity with Bouda, both his Master and Warden of the Consilium – with Dace still standing outside. After getting his name, Gwydion realises the situation and brings him around the Sanctum; and they have tea, which is nice.

A little note, Gwydion’s player keeps making him making social gaffe’s to the extent of it’s now becoming a running joke. First of all when phoning his Master Bouda, he doesn’t even ask Dace’s name first. Then when they actually get down to tea, as soon as it’s boiled they are interrupted and the tea is no more. I can’t actually remember the reason; so until I can remember the two have a tea party.

On the other side of the city, in the silence of the crackling bar the mages quickly move, quenching the fire and healing wounds – when raised voices are heard. Galeas is stepping down the stair with his sword drawn, followed by a well dress man, who resembles a vulture, and four thugs with guns.

A short tense trade off happen, with Galeas all but growling out returns to the smooth intelligent, oily sentences of the new vampire. The Magi are let go out with them ignoring the vampires taunts; who seems to be surprised that they aren’t representing a Mage called “Marduq”.

After leaving, Galeas tells the two about the Vampires, warning them not to interact with them, or else they’ll get burnt. With that, he, Fraser and Venkman leave the two to return to the Sanctum.

There, they meet up with Dace and Gwydion and the group hit up on the idea, somewhat drunkedly (in the main form of Da Vinci) that the main sofa needs improvement. And so the comfiest sofa is formed from his Matter Magic. Over this the Cabal recruit and bring Dace up to scratch; and each comes up with the next step:

  • Gwydion moves to meet Murdoch at the station
  • Pinion moves out to escort and show Sextant around the Consilium.
  • Dace figures to look up some old Mysterium contacts and goes to the Mysterium Cabal, the Read Tome to see about this Orb.
  • Da Vinci then sits down to ritual cast Postcognition to see what missing pages from the journal/notes of Holly said. It takes him almost until late afternoon the next day until he gets something. He finds that the journal spoke of the Orb, that the team of researchers were working on. Holly became as obsessed with it until she stole it. And thats the last mention. As well, she also notes the office and house they used to do the research at, away from the department at university.

And that’s it folks, Da Vinci’s a bit ahead of everyone and is most likely going to be verry tired tomorrow. :)

I’m also up to date, so celebration in that regard!



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