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Story 1 - Eyes Open: Session 1


Story 1 – Eyes Open: Session 1

(Italics denote OO’C’ DM musings)
This was the first session, so needless to say the first chunk was taken up by character creation as well as the basics of Magic (which I totally know off by heart…) and explaining the very basics of the setting (more of a recap mostly) to Gwydeon’s and Da Vinci’s players. Pinion’s knows WOD very well, which as a DM is a God Send really as I have someone on the other side of the screen who has enough confidence in the setting to encourage the others.

There will be a fourth player, but he has turned up up – because he wasn’t in the game until the third session.

Anyways, to the action and let the players correct this if I get it wrong!

The characters; Pinion, Gwydion/Darran Williams and Da Vinci are picked up in this story after their Awakenings and trying to get on with their lives, or figuring out how the hell they affecting stuff with their minds.

Now I need to get the details of this out of them…

Pinion is indroduced to Quark who explains that he is, “a wizard” after one of Pinion’s lectures (Pinion and Quark teach at the Uni in the physics department) and offers to explain this new life to Pinion, who agrees. Gwydion is a detective in the Nottinghamshire Police Department, and after that night is somewhat confused. A police officer walks into his office and explains this turn of events and inroduces himself as Lestrade. Da Vinci on the otherhand is a trustfund baby, currently a fresher arts student and slightly weirded out. After one class he finds a hulking rough looking chap outside who gruffly asks him if he is who is his – stating that he’s had some weird dream involving a Tower. Da Vinci, slightly intimidated confirms this and is led to a bar, where Ivaldi explains what he is – quite gruffly and too the point.

Da Vinci player was amazingly scared at this point with Ivaldi – he’s a big teddy bear usually, honest..

Then we skip a few months, the trio have been training under their various orders, Pinion is studying hard under a group calling themselves Free Councillors, who are eccentric at best. They, of course, the Baker Irregulars. Meanwhile Da Vinci and Gwydion are being inducted into the Arrow (much to Da Vinci’s surprise) and whilst Gwydion is finding it hard, Da Vinci is finding for the first time that he can’t pay his way out of doing something and get’s trounced by Yomiko in a spar, much to the the Adamant Brotherhood’s amusement.

We had a montage scene, I was pleased.

After a week in hell, for some, the characters are initiated into their orders, with the Arrow’s being a sombre ceremony culminating the giving of a small signet ring with a pair of four arrows crisscrossing motif on it, and the ‘knighting’ of Gywdion and Da Vinci.

The intiation ceremony for the Bakers is less formal, with Pinion sitting in a oub with the Cabal listening, with a polite smile, to the Cabal raising their drinks with Quark happily explaining the Supernal significance of a simple pub scene – proving in so many ways the philosophy of the Libertines is right.

Gwydion, Da vinci and Pinion are told, after their ceremonies, that they will now be taken to a ‘Consilium Meeting’ and introduced to one/two other new mages with the intention of forming a new Cabal by their Masters; (Bouda, Ivaldi and Quark respectively.

They are told to meet at Wollaton Hall, which they arrive at individually. They are met on the door by seemingly a Knight In Shining Armour, Galeas, and tall, thin hooded figure with an executioner’s sword and a strange mask with only eyes and mouth slits in the blank metal mask. They are checked then let in by Galeas where they make their way to the function room where about 30 odd men and women are arrnage in about 5 groups, talking and wearing the most ecclectic groups of clothing.

They are met by their respective orders, and Pinion meets for the first time the illusive Shaw. The evening progresses where the trio are finally introduced to each other with an awkward start of conversations, which is thankfully interrupted by the Herald, Charon calling for order.

This is basically the first game of proper Mage I have ever run, so coupled with nerves and inexperience I didn’t particularly like how the Consilium came across, I wasn’t exactly subtle. Ho hum, I feel (the time of writing is after session three) that I’ve got better, and I haven’t forgotten who the Herald is. Hopefully now the next Consilium meeting will be far more fun and interesting.

The group is introduced to the concept of ‘Reports’, a hangover from the Wizard’s War that the Heirarch, Antonius, hasn’t got rid of. Each Cabal gives a report on their activites within Nottingham, with more sensitive information only eluded to. One member, traditionally the yongest, gives the report – though the trio are spared this embarassment. The highlight (for the players) is the Irregualars’ report, given by Fraser with a clipboard is a long, winding, exhaustive list of activities (mundane and important) that lasts for half an hour before the Heirarch cuts her off, clearly annoyed at something that apparently happens regularly. In this the trio hear muffled laughter behind them, coming from a shabbily dressed, short old man in a tweed suit – who kindly smiles back at them without a word.

The Heirarch gives a curt speech on the professionalism needed in Mage-kind, whilst almost staring down a grinning Fraser; behind Antonius are the councillors, with various expressions of disapproval or amusement (provided by Quark). After this closing speech the trio reconvene with at least something to talk about, with only an interruption by Shaw, who stares at Gwydion and mentions “interesting” with a Mage Sight on. They are then introduced to Scribe, the ‘Scribe’ of the Consilium. She asks that they meet her at their new Sanctum at 10 AM tomorrow, to go over the paperwork of their new Cabal and the Sanctum details, and bids them good night.

With this, weird, happening they decide to call it a night and retire to their home, or to work in the case of Gwydion. When Da Vinci arrives he is met by nervous excitement back at the Hall of Residence, with his mate Sam excitedly explaining that a girl has been murdered by the lake. His significence sense (non-supernal) tingling, Da Vinci goes down to see what’s up, calling Pinion. Gwydion arrives back at work, and is imediately sent to a murder scene by his Chief Inspector.

Oh yeah, instead of meeting at a pub, I’ve got the party to join over a student murder. Welcome to the World of Darkness

They party join at the scene, which Gwydion waves the two through citing they’re outside experts. The scene has several point markers over the gravel expanse that looks over the lake to the Trent Building, with the Campus Gate behind them. As well as a discarding satchel, a trail of disturbed gravel leads to a white tent; covering, presumably, the body. As the three enter, the Medical Examiner turns around to reveal has the laughing old man in the Consilium meeting. He is pleasantly surprised and introduces himself as Watson.

Right that’s it, the session actually went on for an extra half and hour, but it cuts better, narratively, this way. Be back soon ;)

I’m musing, now I’m actually writing the session notes whether to get the players make their own character specific session notes to make this easier… Hmm, what do you guys think?



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